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Автор: nataika355 » 30-марта-2011г. в 17:38 » Категория: Рамки для женщин » Просмотров: 517
Прикольная фоторамка - Ух ты, Нацяйника

Фоторамка с приколом - Какая красивая девушка
PSD | 1709 х 1197 | 300 dpi | 14,85 Mb
Автор: nataika355

Автор: Kesha » 30-марта-2011г. в 17:15 » Категория: --- » Просмотров: 1103

Рамка для фото - Светлой Пасхи!
PSD | 2126x1535 | 300 dpi | 11,5 Mb
Автор: Kesha

Автор: Alexey » 30-марта-2011г. в 17:13 » Категория: Женские шаблоны » Просмотров: 392
2 женских шаблона №2
2 женских PSD шаблона №2
Разрешение: 2500x1500 | 100 dpi
Размер: 48,82 Мб.
Автор: michaa47 » 30-марта-2011г. в 16:00 » Категория: Фоны и текстуры » Просмотров: 541
Set of backgrounds ( violet, cyan, purple, retro )

Set of backgrounds ( violet, cyan, purple, retro )

Набор фонов (фиолетовый, голубой, фиолетовый, ретро)
19 JPEG | 1024x768 - 2560x1600 pix | 26 Mb

Автор: Danu » 30-марта-2011г. в 15:32 » Категория: Скрап наборы » Просмотров: 453

Скрап набор Веселые мишки (set2903)
PNG | 300dpi | 11 Штук | 98 Mb

Автор: GanjaParker » 30-марта-2011г. в 12:59 » Категория: PSD Исходники » Просмотров: 359
Marketing Graphics Toolkit

Marketing Graphics Toolkit | 62.8 MB

This "Marketing Graphics Toolkit" consists of some of the very best tools and templates that are geared specifically towards Internet Marketers. These tools and templates will add some KILLER visual flair to all your websites and blogs.

I've been doing this graphics stuff for over 7 years now, and I charge up to $100 an hour for custom design work, so you won't get any amateur content (you'll see samples for yourself below).

With 21 different Modules, there's something for everyone here. Just one piece of content from this package can save you either a hundred bucks on designer fees, or hours of time trying to do it yourself.

A few more important things to know about this package...

* All of the graphics and tools in this package were created by me personally. This is NOT some rehashed PLR material. Plus I've never sold PLR or any kind of other reseller rights to this package.

* I've offered similar tools before... for THIS package I've updated my best tools and created brand new tools. So 90% of the content in this package is brand new and not available anywhere else. So if you already bought stuff from me before, this is brand new stuff you don't have yet. This is like a "best of the best" pack full of my greatest tools... all updated for 2011.

* About half of the tools in this pack require Adobe Photoshop while the other half doesn't require any special software and can be used as is. So there is something for everyone. I label all the modules below and let you know which require Photoshop and which don't.

* If you DO have Photoshop... Everything in this package comes with PSD source files, so you can further modify the files.

* While everything in this package is really easy to use, you do also get step-by-step instructions for the more "technical" tools.
Автор: эрагон » 30-марта-2011г. в 12:52 » Категория: Рамки с цветами » Просмотров: 712
Рамочка для фотошопа – Нежность

Рамочка для фотошопа – Нежность
PSD | 2700 x 3500 | 300 dpi | 32.8 Мб
Автор: эрагон

Автор: GanjaParker » 30-марта-2011г. в 12:47 » Категория: PSD Исходники » Просмотров: 406
V T-Shirt Mock-up Men & Women - GraphicRiver

V T-Shirt Mock-up Men & Women - GraphicRiver
PSD | 45,5 MB

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